What Is The Best Exercise For Burning Belly Fat?

So What Is The Best Exercise For Burning Belly Fat?

Everyone wants to bring their waist down and hope there is some magical exercise that will take care of that overnight for you.

Unfortunately there isn’t.

We can control whether we lose body fat or not, but we have no control over where that fat comes off from and everyone loses fat off different parts of their body at different rates.

Unfortunately for most people, the stomach area is usually the last area it goes from.

So How Do You Lose Belly Fat?

Through a combination of controlling your nutrition, keeping active and being patient.

If your body is burning fat, it will eventually start to target the fat on your stomach as well, but you need to be patient enough that your body can actually get around to that part of you.

So What Is The Best Strategy For Losing Belly Fat?

  1. Maintain a small calorie deficit. That means a little bit less than the calories you burn throughout the day – usually I aim for 10-15% less. This keeps your calories low enough to burn fat but not so low that you burn muscle as well.
  2. Train at a high intensity – I prefer resistance training to conventional cardio because your body takes longer to recover so burns calories for longer as well. But it is really a case of choosing exercise you enjoy – some activity is always better than no activity. And if you go for resistance training, stick to big compound moves like squats, deadlifts, bench press, rows or pullups & shoulder presses. Bicep curls aren’t going to cut it!
  3. Be patient. It will take time but it will happen eventually. Everyone loses fat from different parts of their body at different rates – usually down to genetics – so stay consistent and the results will come.


Don’t go and do hundreds and hundreds of stomach crunches or other ab/core work. This will strengthen your core muscles but you’re only working a relatively small number of muscles so it won’t burn a lot of calories for you, and is a bit of a waste of your time.