Can Sugar Make You Fat?


This is a touchy topic – and something a lot of my personal training clients struggle to get their heads around. I will break this down so you can take it all in.   Sugar as such does NOT make you fat. Sugar has calories. Calories are a form of …

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What Does ‘Lose Weight & Tone Up’ ACTUALLY Mean?

By far one of the most common things my clients want to achieve – and it’s usually my female clients and they all use the EXACT SAME WORDING – is to lose weight and tone up. I always applaud people for wanting to improve themselves – that is why I am …

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It’s Not All About Weight Loss

The number one things new clients come to me wanting to do is to LOSE WEIGHT. I don’t think I have had a single client come to me wanting anything else. But I am going to explain why aiming for a target WEIGHT is unproductive and probably unhealthy. First of …

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What Are The Best Sugar Substitutes?

Ahh the classic sweet tooth. The thing that derails many ambitious dieters. I am going to break down what are the best sugar substitutes in my opinion. But I want to clear up one thing first. Refined Sugar Is Not Necessarily Bad For You*** I have to choose my wording …

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What Is The Best Exercise For Burning Belly Fat?


So What Is The Best Exercise For Burning Belly Fat? Everyone wants to bring their waist down and hope there is some magical exercise that will take care of that overnight for you. Unfortunately there isn’t. We can control whether we lose body fat or not, but we have no control …

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The Incredible Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Protein Packed Vegan Brownie!

The odd sugary treat is always fun and should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. But cravings and temptation and overdosing can be the scourge of any successful body transformation. Brownies are the thorn in my side. Something about the fudgy-ness, rich chocolate taste and the way they satisfy my cake …

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Sugar Free Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Sugar Free Chocolate Avocado Mousse By Personal Trainer In Bromley

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for my personal training clients is dealing with their sweet tooth and chocolate cravings. Well this Bromley personal trainer has come to the rescue with this delicious, indulgent sugar free chocolate avocado mousse recipe. It is thick, creamy, rich, chocolatey and can be adapted to …

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