It’s Not All About Weight Loss


The number one things new clients come to me wanting to do is to LOSE WEIGHT.

I don’t think I have had a single client come to me wanting anything else.

But I am going to explain why aiming for a target WEIGHT is unproductive and probably unhealthy.

First of all, the most obvious one is that when clients come to me wanting to lose WEIGHT, they really mean they want to LOSE BODY FAT.

And there is an important difference.

Losing weight means losing fat plus muscle plus water.

Losing fat means exactly that – losing FAT only. You’ll be left in a leaner, fitter and probably healthier overall position if you focus on losing FAT instead of on losing weight.

Losing fat leaves you fitter, stronger, with better energy levels, delays ageing in some ways, and lets you perform and function at your optimal level.

Losing weight can leave you smaller, with a slower metabolism, low energy levels, and possibly reduced immune function.

As well as that, your weight WILL always fluctuate on a day to day basis and even throughout the day. In fact it isn’t uncommon for your weight to fluctuate up or down as much as 6 or 7 lb in a single day. Does that mean you could put on 7lb of fat in a day?

Hell no!

And finally on the topic of health and wellbeing – which in the long run should trump any and all appearance goals – the difference in approach between weight loss and fat loss is critical.

With weight loss:

  • Any measures necessary to get the scales to go down
  • Often restrictive or crash dieting
  • Can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and with the scales
  • Restrictive eating can damage metabolic function, hinder your immune system, and can hit your energy levels
  • The result is you might weigh less but you could be weaker, less fit, at higher risk of disease/illness and setting yourself up for long term failure

With aiming for fat loss:

  • Ensuring you’re getting enough nutrition in that you don’t lose muscle tissue
  • Doesn’t mean stepping on the scales but looking at how your clothes fit and tracking inch loss
  • Sets you up for long term healthy eating patterns
  • Leaves you fitter, stronger, and overall healthier – higher energy levels, better sleep, less stress, more stamina, glowing skin, ability to enjoy your life without feeling guilty

Make sense?